The Advocatenblad is the official organ of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA) and informs the more than 18,000 practicing lawyers from an independent position.

'The Advocatenblad is the title for Dutch lawyers. It brings order to the information by selecting and reporting on current developments relevant to the legal profession. The Advocatenblad aims to inform, express opinions, and inspire in its reporting. The Advocatenblad does this from an independent position, but as the official organ of the Dutch Bar Association, it provides space for the Bar Association to inform lawyers. The Advocatenblad provides a platform for lawyers and thus also represents the voice of the legal profession to the world outside the legal profession.'

Lawyer Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Advocatenblad is supported in word and deed by ten lawyer-editors, who work in various legal fields. They form the so-called lawyer editorial board.

Formally, the editor-in-chief is accountable to the lawyer editorial board, which also contributes ideas and suggestions. Typically, there is monthly consultation, where both realized and planned journalistic productions are discussed.

The editorial board routinely seeks the opinion of the lawyer editorial board on legal analyses and opinions submitted by third parties. In addition, it plays an important role in the substantive development of the Chronicles.