Frequently asked questions

What is the power of

  • Provides instant access to the most effective channels for lawyers, partners and clients
  • Offers super-fast options with the best price/performance (ROI) in business to business
  • Doubles measurable response, productivity and participant status (internal + external)

Which media components are available per A-title?

Advertisements, Contentkey, Exposureboost, banner, job posting, video, vision, Podcast

Lawyer/firm profile; Exposureboost,  job posting                 

CEO Legal/print advertisement; Contentkey FD online, Exposureboost

Lawyer/firm profile, Banner, Exposureboost, job posting, video, vision/advertorial                 

  • Legal Yearbook 2024 (print + online)

Print advertisement, Contentkey Advocatenblad/, Exposureboost, Round Table session           

Banner, Exposureboost, job posting, video advertorial, vision    

What benefits do participants see?

  1. Convenience, speed, quality ('easy advertising')
  2. Permanent ranking (each booking/quotation generates points)
  3. Best price/performance + portfolio power

What does portfolio power mean at

The multiplier effect of the most effective components media titles, websites and search engines.

What targeting options are there?

With the Exposure Boost you target the target group via the most important platforms, websites and search engines.

Contentkey (user relevance banner) excels at editorial theme targeting.

How do I know if participation has been successful?

Check, after participating your own account ('Exposureboost' usage is necessary for the response report).

What are the costs of the platform?

Use of the platform is free of charge. The best price/performance applies to each booking.

How can I create an account and what are the benefits of this?

Create an account on the login page. After logging in, participant details such as the overview of existing bookings, clicks, automatic point scoring, and response rates per period will appear.

How can I see the results when participating in Exposureboost?

Results will be automatically posted to your account after entry period.

Will I also receive personal contact?

Yes! There is a team of experienced media consultants, designers and traffic managers standing by at Capital Media Services B.V.

Call them directly 024 -360 66 83 or:

How do I receive a tailored advertisement, profile or vacancy when participating?

Yes, please indicate by email, that you would like to use this. Based on your input, the designers will create your statement and send a proof for publication free of charge. In a hurry? Mail logo, text, image to

Tips for improvement + contact details

New ideas, tips and improvements are most welcome. After review, a response about possible credits, extra points or other rewards will follow within a few weeks. Please send your insert to:

Would you also like to participate as a media publisher?

Call: 024 -360 66 83 or email information about your ambition, medium and publication title:

Also benefit from Admediabooking.

When speed, quality and convenience count, the platform is hard to beat. Take a test yourself by submitting a request or book directly with just a few clicks the perfect package for an advertisement, participation in substantive sessions, marketing campaign, office profiling and vacancies.