LOF (Line Of Fame)

  • Law firms.co.uk

    "Jeffrey and Sven, you make the difference for the campaign packages, SEA and SEO"

  • Redefabrik.de

    "Charisma video: springboard to business success. Benedikt you are an example"

  • Venturis Consulting Group

    "Gerard and Martijn, with you Admediabooking.com gets an international dimension"

  • Vormkracht 10

    "Mark, Rob, Sandro, Yoni and Bas. Not only in terms of design are you guys are first class!"

  • Advocatenblad

    "Kees, you are a great editor-in-chief and know how to make the magazine more attractive time and again".

  • The Media Balie

    "Jeannette, you are now a specialist and an inspiring media entrepreneur".

  • Het Financieele Dagblad/CEOLegal- pagina

    "Maarten, glad we know each other".

  • Jaargids 'Advocatuur'

    "Mariska, Floks and Hans, we miss you!"

  • LegalTube.nl

    "Sven & Jeffrey, accountable advertising goes to the 'next level' because of you"

  • GRP-TV

    "Harm, your business acumen, charisma and network are extraordinary!

  • Round Table

    "Gerard and Martijn, you are unbeatable in terms of expertise and (strategic) vision"