'Advertisement Advocatenblad'

"Thank you for the great spot in the front of the Advocatenblad magazine for our advertisement. It really has got stopping power. I have read the magzine with great pleasure."

- Manon Schonewille
The Academy of Legal Mediation

Lawyers Yearbook

Dear Joris,

Thank you for sending the yearbook, both in hardcopy and digitally. In my opinion, it looks phenomenal, and the content is particularly interesting.

- Steven Oosterhof
Van Barneveld Advocaten

Round Table

Dear All, Good to hear! Until next time.

- Frans Post
De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V.

Exposureboost succes

Dear Maarten and Joris,

Thank you for sharing the report; a beautiful result!

The class of the family law course is well-filled and recently started. Looking forward to the next opportunity!

- Sylvia Tieland
Vereniging FAS

FD advertisement

Hello Joris,

The advertisement in the FD looks fine and is in a good position.

Many thanks for the offer of the banner in the Advocatenblad. It is highly appreciated. The text and the layout are approved.

- Marc Wallheimer
Minute Hand B.V.

Round Table ESG + Personal Portrait

Hi Joris,

Thank you for the incredibly beautiful photos! May I use one for LinkedIn?

- Belksma, Lizette
Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam N.V.

Round Table

Dear Nina, Selma, and Joris,

Many thanks for your email and the attached information.

I thoroughly enjoyed the round table meeting!

- Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage
Pels Rijcken

Round Table

Thank you very much!

I found it to be particularly instructive and meaningful. I look forward to the next meeting, so please keep me in the address database.

- Aram van Bunge
Ten Holter Noordam advocaten

Round Table

Hello Maarten, It was another great event yesterday! As promised, here are a few bullets about the S of ESG:

  • Based on the CSRD directive, larger organizations must report on
  • Larger offices struggle with their ESG proposition
  • They advise their clients on it (many legal aspects)
  • But how should they shape it within their own organization, for example, in the areas of: Equal pay Diversity, inclusion, belonging, Employment conditions, and Vitality
- Marielle van de Weijenberg

Round Table video

Dear Joris,

It turned out to be a beautiful film, compliments.

Round Table video - Intraview 2023.mp4

- Bart van Wanroij

Round Table

Dear Nina and Joris,

On behalf of Leonard Boender, thank you for organizing the meeting and sharing the presentations.

We look forward to the next gathering.

- Pieter Smits

Round Table

Dear Maarten,

Yesterday's meeting on a fascinating topic was successful. Do you have the slides that were presented yesterday?

- Johan Koggink
Benthem & Keulen advocaten & notariaat

Round Table video

Ha Maarten, ik vind het prachtig, dit brengt de registratie van zo’n Ronde Tafel naar een heel nieuw niveau, geweldig!

We gaan er maandag inderdaad maar eens over hebben, top!

- Martijn Lesterhuis
Venturis Consulting Group

Round Table video

Wow, very nice Maarten; I need to think a bit more about whether we can do even MORE with this kind of thing. We'll discuss it on Monday, but I find this to be a beautiful result.

- Gerard Tanja
Venturis Consulting Group

Additional information Round Table October 6th

Dear Maarten,

I found the part of the meeting that I attended to be very good.

Considering that the discussed topic is highly relevant for Lexence, I was wondering if it's possible to receive the presentations so that I can show them to our management? It might also be good to schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss things further.

Thank you in advance, and I wish you a very pleasant day!

- Jeffrey Sinoo


Thank you, Anna. It was enjoyable to do.

- Willem Hoorneman
CMS Derks Star Busmann N.V.

ESG Round Table

In response to my participation in the ESG Round Table on October 6th, hosted by Venturis Consulting Group and Capital Media Services, I wrote this article on LinkedIn about what 'ESG' means for SMEs based on my experience. Everyone needs to take steps (that's first and foremost), but when it comes to permits for SME entrepreneurs, it's mainly pioneering in uncharted territory with an inadequate regulatory framework for the everyday consequences of (thoughtless) sustainability policies or the thoughtless approval of products on the market, such as lithium-ion batteries.

- Caren Schipperus
ALEX advocaten


Thank you, Anna. It turned out to be a nice interview.

- Wouter Hertzberger

Visionpage 30 april

Thank you, Joris, it looks great!

I've received positive feedback on it, so people have certainly seen it. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

- Yvonne Sorensen
Sorensen Advocaten