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When answering 'yes', click on:


  • Official organ of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA) for all over 18,000 practicing lawyers; publisher Boom juridisch + website;
  • Admediabooking options: advertisement/job posting print, advertorial, Contentkey, Exposureboost, news letter, podcast, video

  • Platform that matches the legal problems of individuals and entrepreneurs with the legal services of affiliated lawyers
  • Admediabooking options: Office/lawyer profile, lead generation, SEA and SEO power, job posting Persgroep

  • Expertise profile network of lawyers and knowledge specialist
  • Admediabooking advice/options: Exposureboost, online, podcast, SEA and SEO power, job posting, video

Het Financieele Dagblad/FD Mediagroep

  • The FD (Financial Daily Paper) focuses on the stock market, the economy, law, and business. Reaches over 1`10.000 readers
  • Admediabooking options: advertisement/CEOlegal print, Contentkey (editorial relevance banner online), Exposureboost, SEA and SEO power

Jaargids 'Advocatuur 2024'/Juristen Persgroep

  • Publishes relevant legal highlights, Round Table reports, hundreds of personal profiles of lawyers and partners. Publisher Juristen Persgroep
  • Publishes "Vision" pages dealmakers, (managing) partners. Reaches 110.000 FD readers + new NRC-themed pages Persgroep

  • Tailored to legal professionals, clients and litigants. Provides Exposureboost in business, marketing and recruitment.
  • ABC options: advertorial, charisma video, Exposureboost, link building, podcast, job posting, vision

NRC theme page/Mediahuis NRC

  • The strength of NRC is its journalistic quality for its more than 300.000 subscribers. 75% of readers have a college or university education.
  • Admediabooking options: expertise/themepage, Exposureboost, office profile, vision page



  • Editorial relevance banner, tailored to editorial framework (theme x articles x reader/user)
  • Admediabooking options: Advocatenblad, Het Financieele Dagblad


  • Multiplies clicks and conversion of ad campaign, job posting and enriched profile
  • Admediabooking options: Advocatenblad,,, Jaargids Advocatuur 2024,, NRC theme page


  • Linkbuilding is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. This increases authority in search results.
  • Admediabooking options: Advocatenblad,,, Jaargids 'Advocatuur 2024',, NRC theme page


  • The ranking of a website in search engines is determined by a search engine's algorithm. When a website ranks high in search engines, it is more visible to potential visitors.
  • Admediabooking options: Advocatenblad,,, Jaargids 'Advocatuur 2024',, NRC theme page